Bring a millennial to lunch on Oct. 10

We all want to attract millennials as staff and as members of our associations, but we don’t know how to do it.  No one seems to have the answers.  Perhaps we should ask them.

We’re doing just that during our October gathering.  We will have a variety of panelists who will share what they’re looking for in a job, in communication channels and in an association.  We want to hear from these panelists what their ideal membership organization looks like and what would make an association exciting to them.  We want to know what programs, services and activities would attract their participation.

Ashley Alford, Putnam County Chamber of Commerce
Rudi Arrowwood, Kingmaker Marketing Agency
Evan Dupree, WVSAE intern and WVSU student

Reservations are due by Friday, October 6, and can be made here.



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