Annual Meeting in Review

Thanks to Jennifer Millstone and the staff of the Waterfront Place Hotel for hosting our annual meeting on October 3 and 4. While it was a small group, it was mighty (and mighty fun!).

Monday night’s reception gathered new and long-time friends.

Jamie Summerlin motivated us all with lessons learned from his run across America in just 100 days! He also shared copies of his new book, “Freedom Run: Dreaming Big, Going Further, Making Impact.”

Dr. Lydotta Taylor of The EdVEnture Group, shared strategies for working effectively with baby boomers, millennials and Gen X-er’s. She said only 30% of organizations have specific programs in place to address generational differences. She cited a Microsoft study that showed the human attention span in less than that of a goldfish (nine seconds!).

Hoppy Kercheval shared his insights on polling data and political trends in the face of the upcoming November elections. While he said Trump would probably win West Virginia at the presidential level, he wasn’t prepared to call the gubernatorial contest. As always, we loved his insights!

David Weaver of AECOM quoted a former president who said, “There is no economic development when you’re in isolation.” He then shared highlights of the transportation system and new projects in the Morgantown area.

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