What Millennials Want

WVSAE members and guests learned that millennials are active in causes that interest them, use their phones more than any other device and don't want to waste time with meeting just for the sake of meeting. Our panelists were WVSAE intern and WV State University student Evan Dupree, KingMaker Marketing Agency founder Rudi Arrowwood and Putnam  County Chamber of Commerce President Ashley Alford. Kay Fanok of the Morgantown Convention and Visitors Bureau won a lovely centerpiece provided by [...]


Bring a millennial to lunch on Oct. 10

We all want to attract millennials as staff and as members of our associations, but we don't know how to do it.  No one seems to have the answers.  Perhaps we should ask them. We're doing just that during our October gathering.  We will have a variety of panelists who will share what they're looking for in a job, in communication channels and in an association.  We want to hear from these panelists what their ideal membership organization [...]


Dealing With Toxic People Who Suck the Life Out of You

  Bernie Deem of AlignHR shared tips with WVSAE members on how to keep toxic people from sucking the life out of you.  Julie Caldwell and Pama Rutledge of Holiday Inn Express took the theme and gave us a grand time with the "lunch with a vampire" theme. Bernie's suggestions included: You can't change anyone Begin with the end in mind Talk so someone wants to hear it Build a relationship with five positives for every negative [...]


WV OMEGA Appoints Traci Nelson President

Charleston, W.Va. (August 22, 2017) - The West Virginia Oil Marketers & Grocers Association (OMEGA), the trade association which represents the state’s convenience stores, independent grocers and petroleum marketers, has appointed Traci Nelson president of the organization, representatives announced. “Given her more than 20 years of experience working with OMEGA and its membership, there is no one more qualified to lead the organization than Traci,” said OMEGA Chairman Joe DeFazio. She knows our issues, understands trade association management [...]


The State of Tourism

Tourism Commissioner Chelsea Ruby shared the impact of tourism on the state's budget, as well as her plans and hopes for the future, during WVSAE's June 13 meeting at the Marriott Town Center Hotel in Charleston. Ruby said Governor Justice is hoping to double her marketing budget for the coming fiscal year, but that remains to be determined.  "Every dollar spent on tourism promotion returns $7 to $10," Ruby said. She highlighted the new social media promotion, running [...]


Source Talent Smarter by Posting Niche

How does an association or hotel/resort recruiter find the best candidates? The answer is simple – by posting to a job board that serves one field – not several. The WV Society of Association Executives' Career Center offers the power of precision and our formula is simple. We are a niche job board created specifically for the association or hotel/resort communities, so our candidates have the specialized skills and relevant, up-to-date experience to match exactly what you’re looking [...]


WVSU’s Strides in Meeting Community and Student Needs

Dr. Anthony Jenkins, 11th president of West Virginia State University (WVSU), talked about how the university has been on the rise in the last five years. He began talking about the University's achievements. In 1927, WVSU gained accreditation and is the only school in West Virginia never to lose it. The university is one of two land grant institutions in the state and one of three research universities. Research has grown from $1.6 million in 1998 to $16 [...]


A clean slate – yours to create

Syndicated columnist Linda Arnold started our year by giving us the tools to create our own clean slate for 2017. From identifying people and things that give you energy or drain it from you, to learning the four words to stop and argument in its tracks (you may be right) to performing the "a-bun-dance" (you just had to be there), WVSAE members and their guests got some great life lessons on kicking the negativity from their lives and [...]


Nonprofit Finance and Accounting Predictions for 2017

To help demystify your future, Abila nonprofit finance experts have compiled these 2017 Nonprofit Finance and Accounting Predictions. Accompanying each prediction are actions and ideas to help you see through the shrouded veil and ensure success in the coming year. 1     FUNDING INSTABILITY WILL BE AN ISSUE Funding instability will likely force a shift in the nature of funding, with more grantors looking to fund mobilization versus intervention (working to prevent social issues instead of dealing with them [...]