What if you were told that pretty much everything you needed to answer your HR questions within 24 hours, draft a document, train your staff, stay compliant or write an employee handbook was right at your fingertips? It’s true!!

AlignHR and the WV Society of Association Executives are partnering to provide you with a great product to keep you and your members on top of your game with one-stop access to essential HR documents and up-to-date legal alerts.

This new product, “Members Exclusive,” will provide HR core documents that all businesses need regarding hiring, personnel files and compliance. You will have answers to your HR questions within 24 hours via ThinkHR on-line, a downloadable and customizable employee handbook, on-line availability for annual workplace harassment training through ThinkHR, special alerts on legal changes and what to do about it, free half-hour benefits phone discussion, employee termination guidelines, discount pricing on reference checking and comprehensive drug screening (swab) and many other HR services.

One of the best features of “Members Exclusive” is the ThinkHR on-line software. This is truly a great resource for any HR professional whether you have many years in the business or just started. This great service contains a job description builder, performance review tools, compliance guides and checklists, 100s of customizable forms and many, many more features.

As you are reading this, the first thing that comes to mind – “No way our association or our members can afford this.” This is where membership has privileges…packages purchased by your members earn a 38% discount (normally $1,620 annually, but ONLY $1,015 through this offer). AND…the association can earn a one-time commission on packages sold ($100 each for the first 1-9 subscribers at the time they pay; $150 each for subscribers 10-19 when they pay; and $200 each for subscribers 20 and more when they pay). You can take advantage of this because it is being offered through the WV Society of Association Executives.

You can offer this value-added benefit to your members at a substantial discount, while benefitting your association.

While we hope to hear from AlignHR at a future meeting, please contact them now for a demonstration of the ThinkHR program. You can reach Adola Miller at 304-792-0081 or amiller@alignhumanresources.com or Bernie Deem at 304-926-6600 or Bernie.deem@alignhumanresources.com.