Social distancing is difficult for many, but it’s something we’ve been forced to practice. So how do you adjust to the temporary new normal? Take advice from someone who’s been “social distancing” for the past 29 years: Sister Mary Catharine Perry of the Dominican nuns in Summit, New Jersey.

As a cloistered nun, Perry doesn’t leave her monastery except for doctor’s visits or rare shopping trips. To make the best of things at home, you need structure, Perry says. “Now that you are stuck at home, create a schedule for yourself and your family,” she told “This might take some experimentation; each household is different, and for many, it might be the first time they spend an extended period of time with roommates or family.”

Or take advice from someone who spent nearly a year at the International Space Station. Scott Kelly, a retired NASA astronaut (and former ASAE Annual Meeting keynoter), says isolated people should find new ways to connect with others.

“Even with all the responsibilities of serving as commander of a space station, I never missed the chance to have a videoconference with family and friends,” he said in an interview with The New York Times. “Technology makes it easier than ever to keep in touch, so it’s worth making time to connect with someone every day.”