WVSU’s Strides in Meeting Community and Student Needs

Dr. Anthony Jenkins, 11th president of West Virginia State University (WVSU), talked about how the university has been on the rise in the last five years. He began talking about the University’s achievements.


In 1927, WVSU gained accreditation and is the only school in West Virginia never to lose it. The university is one of two land grant institutions in the state and one of three research universities. Research has grown from $1.6 million in 1998 to $16 million last year, with a goal to reach $18 million this year. President Jenkins’ vision for the school is to become one of the premier regional universities.

To achieve this vision, he has expanded academic options by reducing irrelevant courses and adding new complete online degree programs. President Jenkins talked about challenging the students to move beyond their comfort zones. His administration is focused on ensuring students are on the right path to completing their degree in the four years. WVSU also is committed to making sure students are successful upon leaving, moving beyond just help with resumes and finding jobs; they are equipping students with knowledge of what to do after they get a job.

Before closing, President Jenkins challenged everyone in the room to support WVSU. If the university has benefitted you or your business, he invites you to visit the university, stop by the bookstore and get some WVSU “swag” to show your support.

By Eleyse Hudson-Sagnia
Intern, Homestead Communications (for WVSAE)



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