Communications in the COVID-19 era and beyond

November 7-8, 2021
Anthony Huey, Bob Martin, Herb Faulkenberry and more
The Greenbrier


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November 7-8, 2021
Communications in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond
Various Speakers
The Greenbrier

December 14, 2021
Christmas Party
Holiday Inn and Suites Charleston West

Pivot to the Future

Commerce Secretary Ed Gaunch joined us at the Marriott on October 12 to share his view of West Virginia's opportunities to "Pivot to the Future." He shared information with over 20 attendees from across the state on all the [...]

How to work with influencers: 5 tips for partnership

Establishing a collaborative, fair, and mutually beneficial relationship with influencers will help you build a lasting partnership. Finding an influencer who aligns with your values and brand voice can have a powerful impact on your organization. And when you find that [...]

Good reads you might have missed: Working with speakers

Whether the speakers at your events are first-timers or old pros, it’s a good idea to think about both how to select them and how to prepare them for your audience. Associations have lots of events each year, and [...]