Social Media in the Workplace

12:00 to 1:15 pm

by Zoom Conference Call

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Everyone has at least one social media platform on their phone, tablet or computer.  As an employer, what are best practices and policies for social media in the workplace?  Do you have control over what your employees post?  Do you have policies on sharing workplace social media on personal accounts?

What are the best platforms to use for your association or property?  Is there a difference between the two?  How much do you share?  What do you share?  How do you protect your accounts from being hacked?

We’ll stop with the questions and join our speakers on February 9 to answer your questions so we’re following best practices and staying out of trouble with HR or legal.

Join us on Zoom at noon on Tuesday, February 9, when Tina Cobb of Associated Systems Professionals will share her ideas to make us all more effective.

Our Speakers

Tina Cobb represents Associated Systems Professionals, based in South Charleston.  They provide the platform for the WVSAE web site.

Jane Peak is one of the leading employment lawyers in the state.  A native of Putnam County, West Virginia, she is a graduate of Marshall University (1982). After a successful career in television, she turned to the law, graduating from the West Virginia University College of Law (1996). Since 1996, she has been a litigator with Allan N. Karlin & Associates where she represents clients in employment, medical negligence, and personal injury cases.

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