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Five Hiring “Red Flags” That More Employers Are Ignoring

Between pandemic-induced changes in the workplace and general shifts in management thinking, hiring managers are more willing to look past certain characteristics of job candidates than they might have been in the past. Next time you’re reviewing resumes, these “red flags” might be worth rethinking. If you’ve studied up on hiring best practices, you probably know about the “red flags” that hiring managers look for that could kill a potential employee’s chances at a new gig. But the [...]


Research Offers Guidance as Employers Plan Workplace Returns

As associations prepare for the post-pandemic workplace, new research can help provide tips on where to focus when it comes to employee well-being and return-to-work planning. As more Americans get vaccinated and associations make plans to return their staff to offices, looking at some of the research about work during the pandemic can help organizations determine where to shift their human resources focus as they finalize their plans. A recent report from the ADP Research Institute, “People at [...]


Eight Ways to Raise Nondues Revenue with a Virtual Auction

Virtual auctions with donated prizes can help engage your members and raise revenue for your association at the same time. Follow these steps to set up an auction. As we settle into 2021, organizations of all shapes and sizes are adapting to the new normal of pandemic-era engagement and fundraising. For associations, the pandemic and its economic impacts have made staying on mission particularly challenging. Generating nondues revenue and boosting member engagement have always been top priorities for associations, but [...]


How Leaders Can Transform the New In-person Meeting

Associations still need to be cautious and limit their goals when it comes to in-person meetings. But that leaves room for creativity too. The face of meetings is changing, which means leaders have to think more about what they’re having meetings for. In the spring issue of Associations Now, I wrote about the outlook for in-person meetings in 2021. To sum it up in one word: Better. But it’s also more complicated than that. Associations can’t completely reject virtual meetings, because [...]


How Organizations Can Help Younger Staff Overcome the Downsides of Telework

While some organizations have embraced remote work since the pandemic, research suggests it may be hindering younger professionals through loss of networking, social interplay, and mentoring opportunities. However, there are some steps associations and employees can take to mitigate these impacts. The global COVID-19 pandemic dramatically changed how and where most Americans work. This crisis has forced many organizations to close—or severely limit access to—their brick-and-mortar offices and offer 100 percent telework to all eligible employees. This dramatic [...]


Link the Strategic Plan to the Budget

It is said if you can read a budget you know an organization’s priorities. A strategic plan should be closely tied to the board approved budget. A budget is a forecast of income and expenses. A strategic plan is a multi-year roadmap for leadership to deliver value. There are several ways to link the strategic plan and the budget. First, goals require allocation of financial resources. Before agreeing to new ideas, leaders must consider economic consequences. Second, some [...]


Spring Clean Your Digital Files

From messy desktops to old passwords, it’s time to make sure your digital life is up to date. Not just because it makes your job easier, either—it could help prevent organizational security risks. You may think of digital spring cleaning as simply sorting your files—and that’s definitely part of it, including with membership data. However, just as you might put junk mail with your personal information through a shredder, so too should you consider the security footprint left by [...]


Why an Entrepreneurial Mindset Can Help Advocacy Campaigns Succeed

While entrepreneurship and advocacy aren’t necessarily thought of as going hand-in-hand, an entrepreneurial spirit can help government relations staff leverage the best opportunities to make a difference. Here is a truth most government relations professionals don’t expect: You’re an entrepreneur. Just like a plucky business leader, you’re on the hunt for opportunities that will leverage big gains in your advocacy or public relations campaigns with the least amount of effort. This is true whether you’re working in a [...]


Focus on Lowering Expenses Rather than Raising Membership Dues

Keeping members and finding ways to lower expenses is more important than raising membership dues right now, according to an expert. Here are some ideas to consider. NEED NONDUES REVENUE IDEAS? Check out these other Associations Now articles:• In Search of New Revenue • Advice From the Trenches on New Revenue • A Focus on Product Development Can Help Generate Long-Term Revenue • A Pandemic Pivot That Led to New Revenue for a Journalists Group Raising membership dues is often a tricky proposition, as [...]


Three Priorities to Help Associations Thrive Post-Pandemic

The new normal is pushing associations to adapt and improve. Focusing on outcomes-based efficiencies, embracing transparency and value, and maximizing resources will help your organization succeed. The past year has been uniquely disruptive for many associations, forcing them to pivot their operations in real time. While the transition to remote work and digital engagement is the most obvious change, the sector has experienced upheaval on many fronts. According to one survey, nearly 60 percent of association leaders reported having [...]