CAE Designation

The Certified Association Executive (CAE) designation is a nationally recognized program for association management sponsored by the American Society of Association Executives (ASAE). The Certified Association Executive (CAE) application and examination information are available at
Why should you get your CAE?

  • Equip yourself with information in 156 association management competencies
  • Obtain a span of knowledge that prepares you to serve at any level
  • Be recognized in the industry as a representation of higher performance, knowledge and standards
  • Apply immediately the knowledge gained from preparing for the CAE exam
  • Drive professional self-confidence, enhance knowledge, and improve advancement opportunities

WVSAE supports this program through study groups, peer to peer learning, a library of reference materials and scholarships. We are proud to have several members who have been successful in obtaining the CAE designation, and encourage other members to pursue this level of professional achievement.

For more information on the CAE program and resources available through WVSAE, Contact Us.

CAEs in West Virginia

Patti Hamilton, CAE

Tom Hardiman, CAE

Doug Maddy, CAE

Gray Marion, Jr., CAE

Patricia Moyers, CAE

Thomas Osina, CAE

Maggie Poling, CAE

Floyd Sayre, CAE

Diane Slaughter, APR, CAE