Herb Faulkenberry was the last of our outstanding speakers for our 2021 Annual Meeting on “Communicating in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond.”

Over 20 association and hotel/resort leaders gathered at The Greenbrier on November 6 and 7 for the WVSAE 2021 Annual Meeting to learn about communicating in the COVID-19 era and beyond.  Herb Faulkenberry, of Oglebay Resort, shared a perspective on how the pandemic may reshape the future of work, membership and consumer behavior, as well as the organization’s ability to positively navigate productivity and growth.

Anthony Huey, of Reputation Management, LLC, shared tips for better communication and ways to focus on your organization’s message, especially with media outlets. He also shared insights on how to give a more engaging online presentation and increasing awareness of nonverbal cues.

Engage’s Riley Bechdel shared her insights on achieving real world results with a digital campaign, whether it’s with your members, the public or legislators and regulators.

Sean Hyde, of Ideation Digital, encouraged attendees to learn to own and leverage their own data in light of coming changes to popular online platforms.  Capturing data can create a multiplier effect for association communication programs and messaging.

We would like to thank our sponsors for making this meeting possible!





Call it an impromptu board meeting when President Pat McDonald, Director Dale Hill and Treasurer Betsy Miles joined forces at the opening reception of the WVSAE’s 2021 Annual Meeting at The Greenbrier.

It was quite a crowd with Kasidi Legg, Tara Martinez, Bridget Lambert, speaker Sean Hyde and Bobbie Spry enjoying time together.

Herb Faulkenberry visited with Rich Sutphin, one of our newest members.

Cassidy Webb and her son enjoyed time together Sunday evening.

Laurie Lewis and Pat Parsons visited with Tricia Kingery during the reception at Cafe Carlton.

Sponsors Elmer Coppoolse of Glade Springs Resort and Cindi Napier of The Greenbrier visited with Roseshalla Holmes.