Mayor Amy Shuler Goodwin shared information on the work her administration is doing in Charleston to build on the work of the past.  “Previous mayors did some great things and we’re trying to connect those achievements into something new,” she said.  “We’re working on building relationships.”

Goodwin said the issues facing Charleston are also facing other cities across the country, regardless of size.  She talked about the work being done to enhance the paving and quality of roads in the city.  “You can’t take a potential investor around the area, knowing they’ll have to get their car aligned when they go home,” she explained.

She addressed the concept of municipal government, saying she would like to work with Huntington Mayor Steve Williams to see what opportunities may exist.

Goodwin also said she has no interest in serving in office for 16 years.  “I want to put term limits on this,” she added.

The opportunity to visit with Mayor Goodwin drew a large crowd to the Charleston Coliseum and Convention Center, where attendees have a chance to preview the new menu from Distinctive Gourmet that will be available in October.