on Peter Sheehan

(WVSAE’s newest member)

I come from an automotive background, having worked as an appraiser for ten years with my father in beautiful West Virginia. This year I had the opportunity to assume an administrative and creative role with our national trade association, Independent Auto Damage Appraisers Association (IADA), which has allowed me to start working from home and a chance to professionally flex all of the creative multimedia, administrative, speaking and leadership skills that I have acquired from a lifetime of tinkering, doodling and writing.

I was overjoyed to find WVSAE. I see it as an opportunity to get acquainted with this new professional field of mine and meet others whom it would be otherwise very difficult to meet organically.

I look forward to engaging with this great community and finding opportunities to grow my career into new and exciting directions.

Favorite vacation:
I live in the most beautiful place in the world and my backyard is a gorgeous lake, so it’s a little hard to pin down a great vacation spot, but I’ve always loved the beach.

Favorite meal:
Mediterranean food

Favorite quote:
“Work smarter, not harder.”
A simple concept but overlooked surprisingly often by far too many people.

Biggest accomplishment:
This has been a huge year for me. In addition to founding my own media company I was also inspired to start a local charity project called Road to Success which aims to connect young people in Berkeley County with career opportunities. I consider this one of my biggest accomplishments, as it gives me the opportunity to give back to the community that helped make me the man I am today.