Seven Social Media Platforms to Keep an Eye on

Now is a great time to expand your knowledge of social media beyond Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, thanks to a new crop of social venues. If your association is still trying to get a grasp on Snapchat, you may be behind the times when it comes to social media trends. Despite the fact that the dominant social networks—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube—get the most attention, social media is continuing to evolve, and there are some interesting social networks [...]


Six Office Policies You Should Reconsider For a Hybrid Workplace

In an analysis of the hybrid workplace, we look at establishing flexible policies that will allow both remote and in-office workers to thrive. Congratulations: You’ve made it through the chaos of abruptly switching to a remote workforce, and perhaps you’ve decided to transition to a hybrid workplace model. Now it’s time to evaluate whether your policies accommodate all workers, be they in-office or remote. “For the most part, policies should be applicable to both remote workers and employees at a [...]


What Should You Keep From Your Pandemic Pivot?

In this article: Changes born of necessity last year may be keys to your organization’s future success. As the COVID-19 crisis finally begins to abate, consider which new ways of thinking and working are worth holding on to. When the pandemic began to spread in the United States last March, Beth Brooks, CAE, was scrambling. As executive director of the Texas College of Emergency Physicians, she was working to get scarce supplies of personal protective equipment to members, [...]


Get Ready to Lead the New Hybrid Office

With vaccinations accelerating, more association leaders may soon be managing people both remotely and in person. The shift will demand good communication skills and attention to fairness. A year since the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’re starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. People have different opinions on how bright that light is—maybe we’ll be back to “normal” this summer, maybe next year—but there’s no question something’s flickering. Which means we’re starting to [...]


Associations Concerned as Digital Ad Tax Bills Proliferate at State Level

Media outlets, tech companies, and other organizations that offer digital advertising and collect customer data—including associations—are challenging a slew of new tax bills arising in statehouses around the country. With the COVID-19 pandemic exerting enormous budget pressure on state and local governments, more states under tight fiscal restraints are looking to raise revenue by taxing online advertising. Taxing internet ads could raise a lot of money, but business groups strongly oppose the proposals, citing free speech concerns and [...]


Tips and Tools for Helping Members Manage Stress

The Massachusetts Society of CPAs goes the extra mile for members facing mental health issues and stress. Here are some of its leadership tips and proven tools to help members cope when they need it most. Around tax time, the stress level among Certified Public Accountants amps up significantly. That is now compounded by a year-long pandemic, and other issues, which are leaving many people feeling overwhelmed. In response, the Massachusetts Society of CPAs has upped efforts to help its [...]


Strategies for Negotiating Your CEO Contract

In this article: When you get an opportunity to step into the lead role at an association, negotiating a CEO contract has many moving pieces—from positioning yourself to get the best offer to finalizing the optimal contract language. All of it requires confidence and a bit of personal reflection. While a long career teaches much about the process of securing a new job, when association professionals move into the CEO role, it’s a whole new ballgame that involves [...]


Board Governance Efficiencies

By Bob Harris, CAE In a regional webinar on good governance the chief elected president said, “Bob taught us these practices years ago. We adopted them and now have a more efficient board.” When meeting with boards I ask how the governance routines came about. The common answer, “We’ve always done it this way.” For example: • Why does the board meet every month? • Who designed the agenda with more than a dozen reports and updates? • [...]


What You Need to Know about Music Licensing for Virtual Events

In a world where a live event can be as simple as a few people meeting via videoconference, how do the rules of music licensing apply? According to one legal expert, it’s a question of liability and risk, just as with in-person events. Music played at in-person events can add the right vibe and a unique kind of energy. It can have a similar effect for virtual events too. But event planners might be wondering: Does the difference [...]


What Exhibitors and Sponsors Want From Virtual Events in 2021

Organizers had a lot to learn in 2020 as they quickly transitioned their in-person events to the virtual space. And while sponsors supported those efforts, it could be a tougher sell this year. Here’s a look at how to improve the virtual conference experience for exhibitors and sponsors. Back in December, a group of legal vendors came together for the Virtual Value Workshop, which organizers described as “a creative mix of strategy retreat, problem-solving workshop, and innovation hackathon for [...]