How to Make the Most of Your Member Needs Assessment

Before immediately jumping to a survey to assess member needs, take the time to get to know their preferences so you can create a responsive tool to find out what they actually want. Here are five tips to guide you. Whenever association professionals start thinking about conducting a member needs assessment, they tend to leap immediately to a survey. Surveys usually include the usual prompts: “Rate our programs on importance and performance,” “On a scale of 1 to [...]


Five Steps to Implement Better Cybersecurity Practices

With more staff working remotely during the pandemic, associations should review cybersecurity practices and make changes when appropriate to keep member, financial, and employee data safe. Due to the sudden shift to a remote workforce over the past few months, organizations are facing increased cybersecurity risks. Loss or theft of member, financial, or employee data could cause permanent reputational damage and is something that everyone should be cognizant of. While implementing a cybersecurity program may sound like a [...]


How to Craft a Winning Member ROI Brochure

Demonstrating the real-dollar value of membership makes a compelling case for your prospects and members to join and renew. Here are some tips for shaping a persuasive member ROI brochure that clearly demonstrates the return on every dollar invested in membership. “When you give stuff away, it’s an ROI killer.” That is the central conundrum of attracting members without selling yourself short in the process. So to show the value of membership in your organization, it’s important to determine in [...]


Maximize Nondues Revenue by Optimizing Your Media Kit

When communicating your association’s value to potential advertisers and sponsors, a microsite can replace traditional media kits. Adaptable, responsive, and attuned to their needs, microsites can showcase an association’s sponsorship and advertising opportunities. When you think media kits, you think shiny, glossy, sharply photographed, impeccably art-directed, lavishly printed, right? Yes, except for the printing. Today’s state-of-the-art media kit is just that: Designed as a microsite, it’s a responsive digital product that constantly evolves to meet the needs of [...]


How to Staff Your Virtual Events

The staff roles required for virtual conferences are a little bit different than those you may typically have for an in-person event. A look at some roles to consider as you plan future virtual programs. You probably have staffing for your face-to-face conferences and events down pat: Your registration desk is covered for eight hours a day, you have some people placed throughout the venue to help attendees find their way, you have others serving as room monitors, [...]


Tactics That Are Helping Association Navigate the Pandemic

A recent survey shows that nonprofits have been surviving the pandemic by rethinking sponsorship offerings and revenue streams, while ensuring they clearly communicate value to members. Like so many for-profit businesses, the pandemic also knocked nonprofits for a loop. As they try to remain standing, they have employed a variety of tactics to keep their organizations humming along, according to a new report, “Nonprofit Organizations Respond to the COVID-19 Pandemic” [PDF]. “The most important thing is, it showed [...]


Roadmap to a Sustainable Remote Work Strategy

While most associations have moved to remote work during the pandemic, many have viewed it as a temporary solution. As organizations look ahead, they should consider how to adapt their remote work strategy for future needs. The outbreak of the coronavirus proved stressful for organizational leaders all over the world. Mercifully for many, the decision of whether to send workers home to work full-time was made for them by their government. Shelter-in-place mandates provided clarity and removed any [...]


The Foundation of Liberty

“[The denial of trial by jury] led first to the colonization of this country, later to the war that won its independence, and finally, to the Bill of Rights.” --  Justice Hugo Black Beth White, CAE, APR, shared some of the history none of us ever learned during her October presentation on "The Foundation of Liberty: Trial by Jury."  She said, when asked, most people identify the Boston Tea Party as the nexus for liberty in this country.  [...]


What Associations Can Learn From America’s No. 1 Airport

A people-first strategy is more important now than ever. As cities reopen and in-person events begin again, attendees are anxiously wondering when it will be safe to resume travel—and what it will look like when they do. In the future, travelers will be looking for reassuring cues that environments they visit prioritize their safety and wellbeing. Organizations that emphasize extraordinary attention to weary travelers’ needs will win their business. And that doesn’t just mean prominently displaying the latest UV cleaners [...]


In the Wake of COVID-19, Is It Time to Revisit Investment Norms?

For decades, the 60/40 balanced portfolio has been a mainstay among institutional investors. As the world adjusts to a new normal after coronavirus, it’s time for associations to consider whether they need a new normal for their investment portfolios. The global pandemic has challenged long-standing assumptions held by many associations, forcing some to adapt their business models and diversify revenue streams. Those fortunate enough to have strong investment reserves have been able to tap into their “rainy day [...]