Two Areas of Risk Management to Consider as In-person Meetings Begin to Return

As the pandemic wanes and associations start hosting hybrid or fully face-to-face meetings, they must consider traditional issues of risk management when it comes to shifting insurance liability in contracts and intellectual property. After 20-plus years in the business of insuring nonprofits, one thing I have learned is that sound risk management requires a consistent, sober look at the entire range of potential risks an association may face. While it can be enticing to talk about the latest [...]


Why CEO Jobs Are at Risk During COVID-19

CEO turnover is up as organizations look for different kinds of leadership due to the pandemic. To avoid that fate, CEOs can manage expectations and make sure their organization sees the whole picture. This is a tricky time for CEOs. COVID-19 was a quintessential black swan event that forced leaders to act quickly to keep their organizations running. And if they survived, it’s to their credit. But the experience may have revealed larger changes the organization needs to [...]


Survey Questions to Ask Attendees and Sponsors After a Virtual Event

A look at several open-ended survey questions that will help you collect genuine and usable feedback from your virtual conference attendees and sponsors. Post-conference surveys are just as important for virtual meetings as they have always been for in-person events. After all, surveys are often one of the most effective ways to solicit authentic, usable feedback while your event is still fresh in your attendees’ and sponsors’ minds. Having this feedback in hand will help your association deliver better [...]


Tools to Raise Your Note-taking to the Next Level

Whether it’s a tablet, a laptop, or a microphone, there are lots of technologies to leverage for better note-taking. Association pros share a few of their preferred tactics. Recently, we asked readers about the strategies they use to take handwritten notes, then showcased their methods—multiple notebooks, different writing colors, specific organization styles, and even notes that look more like mind maps than bulleted lists. But not everyone uses just paper. Some of the note takers who shared their styles [...]


What Auditors and Accountants Want Associations to Know in 2021

The pandemic was tough, but not understanding regulations that affect your association finances can make life tougher. To keep your association thriving, be mindful of recent pandemic legislation, federal and local tax laws, and reporting issues for conventions and tradeshows. It’s hardly a secret that the COVID-19 pandemic had far-reaching impacts on associations in 2020. A global shift from the physical realm into the digital meant cancelled tradeshows and conferences, ticket refunds, cancellation fees, and more. This put [...]


Four Ways to Improve Remote Panel Discussions

Panel discussions, that old standby of in-person events, are actually well suited for the virtual meetings format. Here’s how to make your remote panels great. There’s no stage. There’s no in-person audience. People aren’t even in the same room anymore. It seems like the pandemic would be bad news for panel discussions in the era of the virtual event, right? But Kristin Arnold, the founder of Powerful Panels, has a positive take on their future. “I think panels are [...]


Tips for Assessing Your Board Composition

Diversity is critical to board effectiveness, and the right representation doesn’t happen by accident. These tips can help you make an honest assessment of where your board stands now and whether you need to add new perspectives. Without a diverse board, your association will likely fall short of its full potential. There’s plenty of evidence that a homogeneous group is less likely to present fresh ideas, offer unique perspectives, and challenge traditional ways of thinking. The first step to building a [...]


Branding 101: Is Your Association’s Brand Up to Date?

Every association has its own brand, but the longer an organization is around, the more its members and mission can change. If your brand no longer matches your association, it’s time to update your image through a refresh or a reboot. For 130-plus years, the Entomological Society of America has served its constituents in their pursuit of the scientific study of insects, but recently ESA became concerned that its brand no longer communicated successfully who it was. While [...]


Legal Issues for Meetings: Lessons Learned and Planning Ahead

As the pandemic begins to wane, associations and their members are eager to get back to in-person conferences. But organizations should heed the lessons of 2020 as they look ahead to future venue contracts and other legal issues related to meetings and events. In the year since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, every association has faced the question whether to continue, postpone, or cancel an in-person meeting or choose some virtual or hybrid alternative. In making these [...]