Compare your CEO compensation, benchmark your reserves

Recent ASAE Research Foundation studies offer meaningful comparative data to support association decision making in key areas, including CEO compensation and management of investment reserves. Two recent ASAE Research Foundation studies underscore the application of benchmarking evidence in decision making. The first, the ASAE Blue Chip CEO Compensation Study, 2020–2021 Edition, reports that 79 percent of respondent organizations base CEO compensation on benchmarks. The second, Association Investment Policies, Practices, and Performance, 2020–2021 Edition, provides important peer data for investment reserve governance and [...]


A game plan for talking to your manager about organizational career growth

While it may sound daunting to ask your supervisor for additional development opportunities, approaching the conversation thoughtfully will show your commitment to the organization. Q: I’d like to talk with my manager about my future in the organization, but I don’t know how bring it up. I don’t want her to think I’m unhappy with where I am, but I want to make the point that with some additional development, I could do more. Any thoughts on how [...]


17 digital marketing terms everyone should know

Social media, email, adtech—digital marketing hits across a wide array of disciplines. With that in mind, here are a few terms that all association pros should be aware of. By Ernie Smith Dec 03, 2021 ShareShareShare From tools to strategy to tactics, digital marketing hits a lot of disciplines, making the field feel all over the map if you’re not familiar with it. But understanding digital marketing isn’t just about knowing specific pieces of adtech or platforms like email [...]


Fight the great resignation: Stop a leadership void before it starts

Fight the Great Resignation: Stop a Leadership Void Before It Starts Being aware of why people leave—and of what can convince them to stay—will help your organization keep staff members around, a human resources expert says. By Ernie Smith Dec 02, 2021 ShareShareShare In the midst of The Great Resignation, associations might be focused on the immediate talent void. But this era of mass job evacuation also puts an organization’s leadership pipeline at risk—jeopardizing a pillar of organizational strength and [...]


A 24/7 benefit that comes through in the clutch

Associations have done a great job being there for members in hard times, but one group ended up being there before things took a turn for the worse: providing members with a crisis communications service that turned out to be an even more valuable benefit. Giving members what they need is a basic tenet of what associations do, but sometimes a great idea to help members can really hit it out of the ballpark. The Pennsylvania School Boards [...]


Five administrative hacks to help your association run better

While the pandemic has upended many organizational components, ensuring your association has up-to-date internal controls related to time tracking, leave, and expense reporting can help the administrative side run smoothly. The past 20 months forced associations to alter engagement methodologies, workplace arrangements, and practical outcomes in real time. While some in-person events are beginning to resume, associations still face an uphill battle when executing their essential mission and vision. A February 2021 GrowthZone survey of association professionals identified some of [...]


Suspended coffee

Bob Harris, CAE   There is a tradition in Italy that reminds me of the positive impact of associations and chambers in America.  It is the practice of “caffe sospeso.” A caffe sospeso, or suspended coffee, is a cup of coffee paid for in advance as an anonymous act of charity. The tradition began in the working-class cafés of Naples. When customers buy coffee, they also pay in advance for a cup to be given to somebody else [...]


Should you hold an in-person conference? Tips for making the decision

The stop-and-start nature of the past 20 months has complicated many things, including the critical decision whether to hold an event in person or virtually. Associations are weighing several variables and making sure their events will meet members’ needs. “Should I stay or should I go?” Good question. It’s a famous conundrum of song—and our current reality as many associations continue to grapple with deciding whether to go ahead with an in-person event. Predictably, in a world full [...]


A strategy for addressing member consolidation

Members are rapidly consolidating as organizations take over smaller ones, which puts a financial squeeze on associations because of diminishing membership dues revenue. Here are some tips for managing a growing concern. By Lisa Boylan Nov 23, 2021 It’s a safe bet that not many association professionals are sitting around hoping for another challenge to add to the mix, but they keep coming. Here’s one: a rapidly growing trend toward member consolidation, which is adding a lot of financial [...]


Tip of the iceberg: Your guide to finding more non-dues revenue

In today’s market, it’s imperative to recognize your unique non-dues revenue opportunities. Similar to many of your peers, your association probably has many traditional revenue generators in place, but we have a few secret tips to help you expand your print and digital ecosystem, provide extras at your events, and offer sponsored content that will help boost your profitability. These types of revenue generators require the least amount of time and money to get started and have the [...]