Better, not more: The new rules of content marketing

Getting a stronger understanding of your audience needs—and the content your organization is already producing—can help you focus your content marketing approach, says strategist Hilary Marsh. By Ernie Smith Nov 18, 2021 In the past, associations often had a stated goal to produce a lot of content—but there’s now evidence that members aren’t seeing much of it. A recent report from PAN Communications [registration] finds that consumers are engaging with only one to five pieces of branded content per month … [...]


A successful, drama-free way to raise member dues

The end of the year is approaching, and many association professionals are thinking about whether to raise dues—and by how much. Many organizations paused increases during the pandemic, but now it’s time to weigh the options. Here’s one association’s success story. By Lisa Boylan Nov 16, 2021 Truth be told, many people would rather think about anything else besides when to raise membership dues or how to do it. But with dues revenue more necessary now than ever, is there a [...]


Bad days, burnout and mental health struggles: Understand the difference

There are key differences between burnout, mental health conditions that might look like burnout, and bad days. Knowing which is which can help you better assist your employees. Burnout, burnout, burnout: People are talking about it on a scale not seen before. But while burnout means a very specific thing—a long-term loss of enthusiasm and energy that leads to lower performance—it can easily be confused with other conditions. A bad day can mimic burnout, as can mental health [...]


How to deal with bad board behavior

Difficult board members are real, but sometimes it takes a more nuanced approach to figure out if they are really a problem—or if there is more to the story. It’s a common and tricky challenge, but resolution is possible. Difficult board members do crop up. The reasons why may be obvious or creep up over time. They frequently miss board or committee meetings or show up completely unprepared. They display antagonism toward staff or disrupt meetings with a [...]


Communication tips offered at 2021 WVSAE annual meeting

Herb Faulkenberry was the last of our outstanding speakers for our 2021 Annual Meeting on "Communicating in the COVID-19 Era and Beyond." Over 20 association and hotel/resort leaders gathered at The Greenbrier on November 6 and 7 for the WVSAE 2021 Annual Meeting to learn about communicating in the COVID-19 era and beyond.  Herb Faulkenberry, of Oglebay Resort, shared a perspective on how the pandemic may reshape the future of work, membership and consumer behavior, as [...]


Case study: Building an effective public campaign

When the organizational mission overlaps with the public need, associations can find value in connecting with an audience outside of their usual member base. It’s not an easy shift to make, but the National Council for Mental Wellbeing provides an example of how to do it effectively. Sometimes associations need to reach a broader audience to advance their mission. The National Council for Mental Wellbeing, one of the organizations highlighted in the ASAE Research Foundation’s Impact Every Day initiative, [...]


Strategies for effective regulatory advocacy

While getting a law passed sounds flashier in news bulletins, much of the advocacy work associations must do centers on regulations. A look at why regulatory advocacy matters and some best practices around it. Understanding the role of federal regulatory advocacy in your members’ industries and enhancing engagement efforts with federal agencies can significantly advance your strategic government relations objectives over the long term. While Congress enacted only 344 laws between 2019 and 2020, agencies completed 5,838 rulemakings [...]


Is your code of ethics fulfilling its purpose?

Thinking about why your code of ethics exists can help you build one that matters more for members—and ensure it can adapt to the times. A code of ethics is often discussed in mechanical terms—how to build it, how to keep it up to date, and how it affects management decisions. But this document represents something intrinsic to your organization. There is more than a “how” behind it. There is a “why”—as in, why is a code of ethics important [...]


The truth about TikTok for associations

At first glance, the popular social media app may not seem a good fit for nonprofits. But the creative, quirky nature of the platform can help your organization stand out, as demonstrated by the National Down Syndrome Society. With 1 billion monthly users, TikTok’s potential for sharing a message is enormous. But the platform’s meteoric rise hasn’t been without roadblocks. Not only was TikTok thrust into the political sphere, but it’s also been marred by preconceived notions that it’s only [...]


What you need to know about adding a vaccine requirement for your events

In the wake of federal mandates and high COVID-19 cases, more associations are considering imposing a vaccine requirement for in-person attendees. Here’s what you need to know about the legal considerations, verifying vaccination, and state bans. With increases in COVID-19 cases, full federal approval of the Pfizer vaccine, and new federal vaccine mandates covering employees, more associations are considering adding a vaccine mandate to their in-person events. ASAE ANNOUNCES VACCINATION POLICY Beginning with ASAE’s Summit Awards on September 30 and extending to all [...]