We begin by offering our thanks to speakers Tina Cobb and Jane Peak for their valuable advice and insights.  Both speakers looked at social media in the workplace from two sides of the issue.  Peak, an attorney with Allan N. Karlin & Associates, shared the legal pitfalls and options employers should be aware of when it comes to the online presence of and relationship between both the employer and the employee.  Cobb presented various approaches for social media specific to associations, as well as a social media content calendar template available for use by our members.

Our members certainly enjoyed the presentations and submitted the following comments during the event on Zoom:

  • Thank you Tina, very informative!!
  • Great job. VERY good information.
  • I’ve always been mystified by the best way to utilize social media.  It’s all hit or miss for me.  Thanks for this talk!
  • Excellent! Thank you!
  • Thank you!  Very helpful.